Revealed: how testing shop window displays increases sales

Do your shop window displays attract customers? Are you sure? Video recognition technology tells you exactly how many people looked at the shop window, for how long and what percentage of them actually entered the shop. People can be tracked around the store and you can see if browsers turned into customers.

Video systems give over 98% accurate measurements of customer engagement and response, so retailers can improve displays and test exactly what converts browsers into buyers. Importantly, managers are also very quickly informed when shop window displays are failing to attract customers.

Optimising the museum visitor experience by counting people

More and more museums are installing people counting systems to track their visitors and learn… Current occupancy levels: which rooms are busiest at the moment? Which exhibits captured people’s attention, and which were neglected? Where visitors lost interest and left? How many people visited in total, how many of these went to every floor and … Continue reading Optimising the museum visitor experience by counting people

Optimising staff levels to increase profits

The pressures on retailers to cut costs are huge. One way of doing this is to reduce staff numbers. But is this cost-effective? Retail profits depend on attracting people into the store and converting them into customers. When people visit the shop, there are many factors to converting the traffic into sales, not least the … Continue reading Optimising staff levels to increase profits

People Counting and Footfall Systems