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Counting “Hot Air” Balloon Passengers

Some months back we had an enquiry from an unusual source – a “hot air” balloon manufacturer. They wanted to automatically count the people who were taken up in the balloon. This wasn’t a hot air balloon that travels across the countryside. It wasn’t even filled with hot air. Helium provides the lift and the … Continue reading Counting “Hot Air” Balloon Passengers

How do today’s video counting systems work?

Video counting systems are the most accurate way to count people and measure footfall. In video people counting, standard CCTV cameras look down on a counting zone. The view from the camera shows the top of people’s heads as they cross the count area. The cameras are connected to people counting units. Software running in … Continue reading How do today’s video counting systems work?

Learn how to count people over a wide area

Video people counting starts with a camera looking down at a counting area. What happens when the desired counting area is wider than the camera’s field of vision? Simple, string several cameras together. A scaleable solution to cover as wide an area as you require. Intelligent counting units tell each other of the presence of … Continue reading Learn how to count people over a wide area

Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

The collection of accurate data is essential in measuring marketing effectiveness. By thoroughly analysing data, marketers can improve the success of their efforts and make better business decisions. Popular metrics include tracking visitors, sales and customer conversions. What do visitor analytics tell the marketing department? Combining people counts with sales transactions shows the customer conversion … Continue reading Measuring Marketing Effectiveness