Automatically count passengers getting on and off a bus, train, ferry or other public transit system. See live passenger occupancy data.

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Accurate Passenger Counts

The most accurate passenger counting systems use cameras and AI-powered software to log numbers of people getting on and off at each stop or station.

A video counting system is over 98% accurate. Compare this to manual counting where counts are out by an average of 15%.1 Bikes, luggage, adults and children can easily be distinguished.

With video counting you can easily verify the automated counts simply by watching the video back and seeing the passenger counts change.

Systems also provide live occupancy counts - by meter, smart phone app, web browser or over the Internet-of-Things. See exactly how many people are on each bus, for example.

Journey Map
Journey map

Live Counts and Locations

The system tells you exactly when people got on and off, and where they did so. Integrated GPS lets you locate vehicles in real time.

Journey Map
Cloud reporting to web browser or smart phone.


Live reporting over the internet. Reports are also exported to, for example, Excel, PDF and MySql.

Passenger counting on train

How APC Works

Cameras over each door are linked to AI-trained passenger counting software which detects entries and exits.

During setup you can watch the video remotely and see exactly what the system is counting thus verifying the number of passengers counted. Once set up, the counts alone are sent over the network to save bandwidth. People are only counted when the doors are open.

Users can log into the system securely over the internet to see real-time passenger information.

We offer a trial system so you can ensure that the counting system works for you before purchasing. Please get in touch for more details.

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Why Count Passengers?

There are many benefits to automatically counting passengers, from cost to operational reasons.

  • Increase collected fare revenue. The increase in fare revenue produced by cross-checking passenger numbers with issued tickets can more than pay for the system, as our case study shows.
  • Obtain information for scheduling, forecasting and service-related decisions
  • Analyse key performance indicators like passengers per mile and cost per passenger
  • Record times spent waiting at each stop
  • Monitor passenger numbers over time
  • Justify grants.
  • See live occupancy
  • Reliable data at a low cost, no matter how busy the service
Passenger counter

Video of passenger counting

Case Study: Video Passenger Counting System Saves Bus Company Thousands Per Bus

Automatically counting people on and off their buses enabled a transport company to cross check passenger numbers with ticket machine transactions. With proof that they had more passengers than transactions, managers could take steps to remedy the missing fare revenue.

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Counting People around Stations

As well as counting passengers as they get on and off public transport, the counting system can also monitor passenger flow around stations and show current occupancies. Queues can be monitored - showing the number of people currently waiting and the average queuing time for example. The system will show hotspot maps of activity: know exactly how long and where people pause. See which entrances and areas have the most traffic, and at which times of day. And, for retailers on the station, count footfall both going past and into each retail unit.

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Counting people on station
Smart city

Smart Cities

Automated passenger counting is being used by smart cities as part of their big data analytics. Using the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to combine passenger counts with pedestrian flow, vehicle counts and pollution monitoring. This data management - acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, processing and making the information available as required - gives insight into people's behaviour and helps make cities and towns better places to live.

Experience and Expertise

Retail Sensing have nearly 50 years experience in measurement and control. We have 15000 video counting systems installed in over 40 countries.



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