This is how it's done

Tests show video people counting achieves over 98% accuracy. This is how it's done anonymously using CCTV or IP-cameras.

  • Overhead closed-circuit tevision camera, or IP camera, tracks people's movements.
  • Connect your camera to a people counter (or software) to accurately detect and record how many people pass through the counting zone.
  • Counters can be connected to existing cameras.
  • Data is made available over web browsers, smart phone apps, the Internet-of-Things, Wi-Fi or via Ethernet, RS485, RS232 or LoRaWAN communications.
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Data presented on an internet dashboard

The people counting hardware - we also offer people counting via virtual machines - a software-only solution

How it Works

  • Wide entrances and areas are handled by linking several cameras across the ceiling.
  • The embedded video server lets you view live video footage alongside the people counts, so you can accurately verify, and configure, the system over the internet.
  • Once set up, counts alone are sent over the network to save bandwidth.
  • Replay counting videos for off-site commissioning
  • Choose the time period over which counts are measured: every hour or every 5 minutes for example.
  • Privacy is maintained - the system knows how many people went where and when, but not who they were. Apart from during set-up, video is not recorded.

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