Real-Time Occupancy Counting

Maximise space utilisation, comply with regulations and gain actionable insights with our real-time occupancy counting systems. Monitor different areas within the building, as well as the overall occupancy, using existing CCTV together with our AI-powered detection software. Cloud-based reporting with alerts to warn staff when capacity limits are approaching.

  • Live occupancy shown locally and remotely
  • Occupancy alerts and warnings by smart phone, browser, reporting dashboard, screen, meter & internet of things
  • See how many people are in each room, on each floor or in the entire building
  • Real-time counts aid compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Historical records help future planning
  • Queue monitoring
  • Networked systems communicate securely over the internet and the IoT

Free Occupancy Counting Software

Our sophisticated systems are ideal for larger businesses, but for smaller shops, buildings or events we also offer free occupancy monitoring software. You don't need to purchase any hardware - the RSL Occupancy Meter software works seamlessly with any IP CCTV camera. Leveraging AI technology, our software analyses the scene every 10 seconds, accurately counting people and delivering real-time occupancy data. It also saves maximum hourly counts for later analysis.

  1. Free and easy to use
  2. No additional hardware required
  3. Gain valuable customer insights
  4. Optimise operations and improve efficiency
  5. Measure queue length
Occupancy meter

Live Alerts

The display meter shows the current occupant count. When the maximum capacity is approached, the count turns orange. When the limit is breached, the occupancy alert turns red.

Occupancy app shows  how many people currently on the premises

App or Browser Reporting Dashboard

Get real-time reports via our cloud-based reporting software, by text, tweet and app - alerting you when getting near to, or exceeding, the capacity. Data dashboards enable both live and historical data comparisons.

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Integrate occupancy data with other KPIs in bars, restaurants, retail, libraries, museums etc

Key Performance Indicators - Insights & Analysis

Occupancy data can be linked to the point-of-sale system for data analysis. Compare staff levels with occupancy and sales. Show dwell times and waiting times.

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Privacy and GDPR

Our occupancy software doesn't identify any individuals. We use no facial-recognition nor do we access data from mobile phones. We know how many people went where and when, but not who they were. Accurate live occupancy counting whilst completely complying with GDPR.

GDPR compliant occupancy counting

Experience and Expertise

Retail Sensing have nearly 50 years experience in measurement and control. We have 15000 video counting systems installed in over 40 countries.



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