Tried and tested in the harshest of weather, outdoor people counting systems are over 98% accurate even in the busiest situations.
Automatically count passengers getting on and off a bus, train, light rail or other public transit system. See live passenger occupancy data.

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Counting whatever the Weather

Called Video Turnstile, our counters keep working through sun, rain, snow, freezing temperatures and wind all year round. Stores, shopping centres, venues, stadiums, attractions and even hot air balloons are using our open-air footfall and people counting systems. Counts are securely sent wirelessly to a head office for key performance indicator analysis.

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Counting people in the open-air: hot air balloon passengers.
Counting balloon passengers in order to compare the number of tickets issued with the number of people who actually went up. Photo credit: Derek Harper (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Counting people outdoors - seeing the number of passers-by and potential footfall.
Counting people passing by a shop. The yellow cone shows the zone where people may be counted. The camera is easily mounted to the outside of a building. Shops can in this way, for example, test how well new window displays are working at attracting customers into the shop.

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How it Works

The system uses CCTV cameras to track peoples' movements. Our intelligent people counters connect to the cameras. They detect people in the camera picture and record how many people pass underneath the camera and other information like how long people stand and look. The counting units securely stream data to a remote computer. Authorised people can access the data over the internet.">test how well new window displays are working at attracting customers into the shop.

The people counters can be configured individually for all sorts of situations, including crowd counting.

The system architecture means counts for different areas and towns can be seen together as they happen. There are no limits to the size of the system, simply connect as many cameras and counters as you require.

After installation, there are no ongoing monthly or quarterly charges. We are always happy to help though, should you need any technical support.

Counting Pedestrians in Town Centres

Town centre managers need pedestrian counts to monitor precisely how the town is being used. They can accurately assess the impact of development initiatives and use the data to inform future decisions.

The pedestrian counts also help determine the potential for new retail stores, providing evidence for prospective businesses moving into the area. Similarly, the footfall data helps determine the level of rents which can be charged.

Comparison of changes in footfall levels and pedestrian movements over time shows whether a town centre is improving or losing trade. The rich data identifies any areas that might be declining and shows where investment may need to be targeted: an early-warning to stop the situation getting worse.

Data can be saved in a choice of formats, including MySql which is easily integrated into existing database systems. So the town centre counts could be viewed alongside, for example, counts of vehicles entering car parks.


Smart Cities

Smart Cities are incorporating video counting into their Internet-of-Things systems. The pedestrian, vehicle and bicycle counts are integrated with, for example, pollution readings. Cities can quantify the use of footpaths and cycle ways. Real-time and historical information enables "Big Data" analytics. The data can be used to assess the impact of development initiatives and use the data to inform future decisions.

Air Quality Monitoring

We are delighted to now offer Urban Sensing's air quality monitor for smart cities alongside our people and vehicle counting systems. Pollution levels are instantly reported alongside people counts, traffic levels, temperature, wind speed, humidity and other information.

On-line dashboard showing real-time particulate levels, the previous day�s hourly particulate and footfall counts plus a month's daily footfall counts at a location in the smart city

Experience and Expertise

Retail Sensing have nearly 50 years experience in measurement and control. We have 15000 video counting systems installed in over 40 countries.



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