Accurate Vehicle Counts

Using cameras and artificial intelligence, the vehicle traffic counting system is up to 98% accurate in all conditions: day and night in rain, sun and snow.

You can set the vehicle traffic detectors to count vehicles going straight on or turning. One camera can cover several exits of a junction. At four-way junctions, for example, the system provides multi-directional counts for vehicles turning north, south, east or west and coming from any direction.

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Cost-effective automatic traffic counting

Counting cars

Why a video traffic counting solution?

  • Traffic data is uploaded securely in real-time to web browsers: users can log into their password-protected on-line accounts from anywhere.
  • There is no limit to the number of roads and junctions on which traffic can be counted using the scalable CCTV or IP-camera system.
  • Users can easily verify the vehicle counts simply by watching the video back and seeing the counts increase as the cars pass.
  • Counts can cover any period of time: the number of cars passing in each hour or each day for example.
  • Local video analytics minimises bandwidth use.
  • It is simple to set up and non-intrusive. No components need to be installed directly into the road surface and users can easily modify the zones through which vehicles are counted, from their office.
  • Vehicles can be classified according to type: heavy goods vehicles, cars, farm vehicles, etc.

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We are happy to discuss all kinds of projects, from traffic passing billboards to counting cars in remote places and smart cities. Please contact us directly for a prompt reply

Journey Map
Comparing daily bus, car and cycle traffic which are travelling in different directions at a junction

Live and Logged Data

As well as providing data in real-time, counts are logged so trends can be analysed and observed. Compare hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly traffic counts. See average traffic levels on different days or different times.

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Traffic counters around a roundabout counting at night
Counting vehicles in the dark in Spain - on the inner ring are four vehicle sensors, one for each exit.

Local Video Analytics minimises Bandwidth Use

The intelligent counting units (called Video Turnstile) analyse the video stream and upload the resultant counts wirelessly. The count data is immediately made available over the internet. All the video analytics processing is done locally by the counting units, ensuring that the bandwidth use is minimised.

Easy Set-Up of the Vehicle Traffic Counting System

During set-up installers can log into the system from a web browser, view the CCTV footage and check the counts. They can make adjustments via software choices to optimise the counts at each location and precisely configure the counting zone.

Installing the vehicle counters
VW beetle in car park

Counting Repeat Vehicles & Complying with GDPR

Not only can our traffic flow system count and classify vehicles, but it also tracks repeat visits. And it does this without compromising peoples' privacy and complying with GDPR.

When counting recurring vehicles, the ai-powered software scans the registration numbers and securely encodes them. It thus anonymises the license plate information so that it cannot be traced back to an individual.

Experience and Expertise

Retail Sensing have nearly 50 years experience in measurement and control. We have 15000 video counting systems installed in over 40 countries.



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